Engineers Welcome


The Managing Director – Maj Gen James Mugira together with other officials from CHEC, SGR and the UPDF graduates at the Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs Headquarters.

Today, 5th February,2018, National Enterprise Corporation welcomed its UPDF Engineers who completed the course from China successfully.

On 6th October, 2017 UPDF/NEC sent its Engineers to Shijiazhuang Thedao University in China for specialized training in railway engineering as part of skills enhancement to support the construction of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR).

The SGR is a regional project and part of the Northern Corridor Integration Projects. It followed the summit of Heads of State of Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda held here at Entebbe in 2013 where the three governments executed a tripartite agreement to jointly develop a modern, fast, reliable, high-capacity and efficient railway system between Mombasa-Kampal and Kigali. Then, South Sudan later as part of Northern Corridor Intergration.

This project is supposed to be implemented under the Ministry of Works through its coordinating Unit-The Standard Gauge Railway (SGR). China Harbour Engineering Company Limited (CHEC) is the contractor which has entered into a memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Defence/NEC as a sub-contractor to construct the Standard Gauge Railway.

This course therefore, is part of the responsibilities of CHEC to carry out training of the NEC/UPDF Engineers to assist them acquire the capacity and capability to participate in the construction and maintenance of railway lines, and the management of their operation, as well as acquiring the ability to operate and maintain project equipment.

National Enterprise Corporation ( NEC), among other things, will provide qualified and suitable UPDF and other Engineers and Technicians to take a positive, active part in the implementation of the project.

NEC is a State Corporation that was established in 1989 by an Act of Parliament to serve as a commercial arm of the Ministry of Defence /Uganda Defence Forces and to produce goods and services that are beneficial to the Defence Forces and the general public.